Session 1: Cellular and molecular response of marine organisms subjected to biotic and abiotic stress

Session 2: Fleeing or fighting? The role of adaptation in shaping future species’ distributions in light of climate change

Session 3: Molecular Tools Applied to Marine Invertebrates Management

Session 6: Advancements in Restoring Marine Ecosystems

Session 7: How can food web models describe and guide marine ecosystems research?

Session 8: How to integrate Marine Ecosystem Services (MES) into a project, a product, or a business activity for a holistic approach?

Session 10: Managing the Ocean’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Potential: Effectiveness, Verifiability and Ecosystem Impacts

Session 11: Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for a resilient future ocean

Session 13: Resilience and robustness of marine ecosystems

Session 14: Ocean circulation and climate change

Session 15: Open session