St­arting off as a natio­nal stu­dents’ event under the aus­pi­ces of Ger­man Socie­ty for Mari­ne Rese­arch (DGM), YOU­MA­RES has expan­ded over the years to a world­wi­de net­work and inter­na­tio­nal mee­ting of young mari­ne rese­ar­chers and experts.

The YOU­MA­RES is an inter­na­tio­nal con­fe­rence for ear­ly care­er sci­en­tist working in any oce­an rela­ted field. Sin­ce 2009, it has taken place each year with dif­fe­rent sci­en­ti­fic topics rela­ted to mari­ne sci­en­ces. Brin­ging tog­e­ther par­ti­ci­pants from all over the world, we pro­vi­de the sta­ge for an inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry com­mu­ni­ty of young ear­ly care­er mari­ne rese­ar­chers – bache­lor, mas­ter and PhD stu­dents – and young oce­an enthu­si­asts. The con­fe­rence is a plat­form for pre­sen­ting and dis­cus­sing your ongo­ing rese­arch while buil­ding up a net­work with other young mari­ne researchers.

We invi­te you to share your ide­as on how to sol­ve the pro­blems that our oce­ans are facing today and beco­me an acti­ve part in sol­ving the chal­len­ges on the way to an intel­li­gent pre­ser­va­ti­on and a sus­tainab­le manage­ment of the oceans.


With the begin­ning of the UN Deca­de of Oce­an Sci­ence for Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment the UN iden­ti­fied key socie­tal out­co­mes which should be achie­ved until 2030.

Tho­se cover a varie­ty of oce­an rela­ted fiel­ds and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly touch upon the Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment Goals (SDGs). The goals of the Oce­an Deca­de will be a gui­ding frame­work of this con­fe­rence seri­es over the next 10 years.

The YOU­MA­RES 12 is orga­ni­zed in clo­se coope­ra­ti­on with the GEO­MAR- Helm­holtz-Zen­trum für Oze­an­for­schung and will take place from 05. – 07. Octo­ber 2021 online and on board of the Cap San Die­go Muse­ums­schiff, Über­see­brü­cke in Ham­burg (www.capsandiego.de). Bes­i­des the pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in the nine ses­si­ons rela­ted to goal 1 “Clean Oce­ans”, the con­fe­rence will host work­shops and invi­ted key­note speakers.

For the first time, four sum­mer and win­ter work­shops will frame the main event, as one day satel­li­te events. The Work­shops am Meer bring tog­e­ther ide­as from a diver­se field of rese­arch inte­rests (loca­ti­ons and dates of the work­shops will be announ­ced short­ly; sepa­ra­te regis­tra­ti­on for the work­shop is necessary).


YOU­MA­RES was orga­nis­ed for the first time in 2009 as net­work mee­ting for YOUng MAri­ne RESe­ar­chers. Wit­hin the Ger­man Socie­ty for Mari­ne Rese­arch (DGM) the Working Group on Stu­dies and Edu­ca­ti­on was foun­ded to orga­ni­ze that year­ly event. Sin­ce 2009 YOU­MA­RES has deve­lo­ped into the lar­gest mee­ting for young mari­ne sci­en­tists in Ger­ma­ny. It is now well-known among young rese­ar­chers as an excel­lent plat­form to pre­sent results in a pro­fes­sio­nal atmo­s­phe­re that, at the same time, still mana­ges to avoid the some­ti­mes over­whel­ming cha­rac­ter of estab­lis­hed sci­en­ti­fic mee­tings. The con­cept is to exchan­ge ide­as in an easy-to-talk-to group of simi­lar minds. In other words, it has grown up while remai­ning young at heart.

YOU­MA­RES is a bot­tom-up orga­ni­zed con­fe­rence and is non-pro­fit ori­en­ted, which means that the work is done by vol­un­te­ers and the con­fe­rence cos­ts are main­ly cove­r­ed by spon­sors as well as our con­fe­rence fee.


Dr. Sebas­ti­an Fer­se from the YOU­MA­RES 4 Young Sci­ence Com­mit­tee wro­te for examp­le: “When I first beca­me acti­ve in the small working group of the DGM from which the ori­gi­nal idea for a ‘small net­work mee­ting’ deve­lo­ped, I had a vague idea of a poten­ti­al plat­form that would reflect the cur­rent situa­ti­on of stu­dents in the broad area of mari­ne sci­en­ces and would pro­vi­de some oppor­tu­nities for exchan­ge of thoughts and expe­ri­en­ces. YOU­MA­RES has sin­ce out­grown our wil­dest thoughts.”


YOU­MA­RES is a sci­en­ti­fic con­fe­rence for Bache­lor, Mas­ter, and PhD stu­dents, tho­se who want to stu­dy mari­ne sci­en­ces and tho­se who alrea­dy finished.

The wide ran­ge of topics and inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry cha­rac­ter is one of the most important aspects of YOU­MA­RES. Ano­t­her aspect is the bot­tom-up orga­ni­sa­ti­on by young rese­ar­chers who are always very moti­va­ted to make that year­ly expe­ri­ence worthwhile and espe­cial­ly long-las­ting when it comes to the net­work built.