Hi ever­yo­ne 

My name is Dia­na Rico, a tro­pi­cal spe­ci­men that lives in Ger­ma­ny. I am a bio­lo­gist, I am cur­r­ent­ly doing my master’s degree in mari­ne eco­sys­tems and fishe­ries sci­en­ces at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ham­burg, and I work as a rese­arch assi­stant in sus­taina­bi­li­ty in mari­ti­me logistics. Pas­sio­na­te about mari­ne bio­lo­gy, envi­ron­men­tal edu­ca­ti­on, and citi­zen sci­ence. Working in line with the SDGs and the United Nati­ons Deca­de of Oce­an Sci­en­ces for Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment. My pas­si­on for the oce­ans has brought me here. This is my third year par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the YOU­MA­RES con­fe­rence, and this year I had the honor of lea­ding such an incredi­ble orga-team. I invi­te you to join us, meet ama­zing rese­ar­chers, and let’s talk about our oce­ans. 

Loo­king for­ward to see­ing you at the YOU­MA­RES 12 con­fe­rence 

Hel­lo ever­yo­ne! 

I am Nguy­en Thuy Dung, Ms. At the moment, I am par­ti­ci­pa­ting in Nip­pon Foun­da­ti­on POGO Cent­re of Excel­lence hos­ted in Alfred Wege­ner Insti­tu­te (AWI), Helm­holtz Cent­re for Polar and Mari­ne Rese­arch, Ger­ma­ny. AWI is Germany’s lea­ding polar and mari­ne rese­arch insti­tu­ti­on. Fun fact: AWI is respon­si­ble for the infa­mous Hel­go­land roads – one of the lar­gest and lon­gest mari­ne plank­ton time seri­es in Euro­pe! My back­ground is in aqua­tic pol­lut­ants with my recent inte­rest focu­sing on micro­plastics in the mari­ne envi­ron­ment. This year is the first time I join YOU­MA­RES and I am very exci­ted to be immer­sed in the pro­gram with my peers and other ear­ly-care­er sci­en­tists.  

I am Anne Twaalf­ho­venHaving spent a lot of time on, in and near the oce­an, my pas­si­on for the mari­ne envi­ron­ment runs deep. I am fasci­na­ted by the many dif­fe­rent ways indi­vi­du­als and com­mu­nities around the world rela­te to the sea. Having a back­ground in (mari­ne) eco­lo­gy and envi­ron­men­tal sci­ence, I tur­ned to anthro­po­lo­gy and deve­lo­p­ment stu­dies in my mas­ter pro­gram at Wagen­in­gen Uni­ver­si­ty in the Nether­lands. In working towards the UN Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment Goals during this UN Oce­an Deca­de, I belie­ve it is essen­ti­al to com­bi­ne insights from all the­se dif­fe­rent disci­pli­nes. Now, as a recent gra­dua­te, I am eager to con­ti­nue my care­er in mari­ne social sci­ence, commu­ni­ty con­ser­va­ti­on and envi­ron­men­tal jus­ti­ce.  

Hi ever­yo­ne! I am Sti­na Kolod­zey – gro­wing up by the Baltic Sea with a very fishing enthu­si­astic dad, I have been fasci­na­ted by the sea and fish from a very ear­ly age. I love the oce­an and all its big and litt­le crit­ters. After obtai­ning a BSc in Ham­burg, I moved across the oce­an to New Zea­land for my MSc and PhD in Mari­ne Sci­ence. I am par­ti­cu­lar­ly inte­res­ted in how fishe­ries and envi­ron­men­tal chan­ges shape mari­ne fish popu­la­ti­ons in regards of their fee­ding eco­lo­gy and repro­duc­ti­ve out­put. I just moved back to Ger­ma­ny from New Zea­land and joi­ned the YOU­MA­RES orga-team to con­nect to other Oce­an Lovers in Euro­pe and the world! I am super exci­ted to meet ever­yo­ne in Ham­burg! 

Hi ever­yo­ne! 

My name is Zule­ma Vare­la, I have a PhD in bio­lo­gy, and I am working in the Eco­to­xi­co­lo­gy group at Uni­ver­si­ty of Sant­ia­go de Com­pos­te­la (Spain). My rese­arch is focu­sed on the bio­mo­ni­to­ring of envi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­ti­on, both atmo­s­phe­ric and mari­ne, using dif­fe­rent orga­nisms such as bryo­phytes, lichens, trees, algae, mus­sels, and how this pol­lu­ti­on can affect the envi­ron­ment. I heard about the YOU­MA­RES from a clo­se friend who is a mari­ne bio­lo­gist and I joi­ned as a vol­un­teer to expand my net­work and becau­se I love the oce­an and am con­cer­ned about its future! 

Hel­lo. I am Julia­na Di Filip­po MSc.  

I’m inte­res­ted in eco­lo­gy and con­ser­va­ti­on of mari­ne spe­ci­es, I’m in love with the oce­an! I stu­di­ed some aspects of the eco­lo­gy of freshwa­ter turt­les, frogs and sharks in my under­gra­dua­te and post­gra­dua­te pro­gram. Cur­r­ent­ly, I’m working with Blue Turt­le Sus­tainab­le in sea turt­le con­ser­va­ti­on and sus­tainab­le fishe­ries in the Gulf of Cali­for­nia (small fishe­ries in Baja Cali­for­nia Sur and Sina­loa). Being part of YOU­MA­RES this year is such a gre­at chan­ce to expand my know­ledge, and it is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet new peop­le. With YOU­MA­RES I have the pos­si­bi­li­ty to get invol­ved in mari­ne sci­en­ti­fic net­works and col­la­bo­ra­te with them in cur­rent or future inves­ti­ga­ti­ons. I hope to be part of this con­fe­rence for so many years in the future! 

Hel­lo the­re! 

My name is Nad­ja Hohen­adl, I am an under­gra­dua­te mari­ne sci­ence stu­dent at the Scot­tish Asso­cia­ti­on for Mari­ne Sci­ence (SAMS) in a small town cal­led Oban, on the Scot­tish west coast.  I am pas­sio­na­te about mari­ne megafau­na and lar­ge-sca­le inter­ac­tions bet­ween the oce­an and con­ti­nents, like cli­ma­te pro­ces­ses and geo­lo­gy. Working as a wild­life gui­de, I enjoy to edu­ca­te the public and I belie­ve edu­ca­ti­on is a key fac­tor in saving the pla­net we call home. I am a qua­li­fied SCU­BA diver for 10 years now and love every tiny crit­ter we spot bene­ath the kelp. It is the first time I am part of the YOU­MA­RES orga-team, I am curious what is going on behind the sce­nes. Let´s do it!