The oce­ans: Our rese­arch, our future

11. – 14. SEP­TEM­BER 2018, Oldenburg

YOU­MA­RES 9 Sessions:

  1. Could citi­zen sci­en­tists and vol­un­tou­rists be the future for mari­ne rese­arch and conservation?
    Han­nah S. Earp, Ari­an­na Liconti
  2. Towards a sus­tainab­le manage­ment of mari­ne resour­ces: inte­gra­ting social and natu­ral sciences
    Fan­ny Barz, Hei­ke Schwermer
  3. Rese­arch at the inter­face of sci­ence and society
    Maxi­mi­li­an F. Schupp, Chris­ti­na Hörterer
  4. Law and Poli­cy Dimen­si­ons of Oce­an Governance
    Pra­deep A Singh, Mara Ort
  5. Spe­ci­es on the brink: navi­ga­ting con­ser­va­ti­on in the Anthropocene
    Mor­gan L McCar­thy, Tho­mas Luy­pa­ert, Meen­ak­shi Poti, James G Hagan
  6. The chal­len­ge of mari­ne res­to­ra­ti­on pro­grams: habi­tats-based sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch as a key to their success
    Lau­ra Bas­co­ni, Charles Cadi­er, Gus­ta­vo Guer­re­ro Limon
  7. Sub­mer­ged in Plastic: impacts of plastic pol­lu­ti­on on mari­ne biota
    Nata­lie Prinz, Špe­la Korez
  8. Plastics in the envi­ron­ment – Ana­ly­sing sources, pathways, occur­rence, and means of tack­ling this form of pollution
    Rosan­na Schöneich-Argent, Mar­ten Fischer, Mau­rits Halbach
  9. Bio­di­ver­si­ty of Ben­thic Holo­bio­n­ts: Che­mi­cal Eco­lo­gy and Natu­ral Pro­ducts Che­mi­stry in the Spotlight
    Elham Kamy­ab. Lars-Erik Petersen
  10. Trends in plank­ton ecology
    Katar­zy­na Wal­c­zyńs­ka, Maciej Mańko
  11. Spon­ges (Porife­ra): Fan­tastic fil­ter feeders
    Mai­nah Fol­kers, Titus Rombouts
  12. Advan­ces in Cepha­lo­pod Research
    Chris J Barrett
  13. Hig­her tem­pe­ra­tures and hig­her speed – Mari­ne Bio­in­va­si­ons in a chan­ging world
    Phil­ipp Lae­se­ke, Jes­si­ca Schil­ler, Jonas Letschert
  14. Con­nec­ting the ben­t­ho-pela­gic dots
    Sant­ia­go EA Pine­da Metz
  15. Inves­ti­ga­ting the land-sea tran­si­ti­on zone
    Ste­phan L Sei­bert, Juli­us M Degenhardt
  16. Tro­pi­cal Mari­ne Rese­arch Mosaic: com­bi­ning small stu­dies to reve­al the big­ger picture
    Javier Ona­te, Liam Lachs
  17. Brid­ging disci­pli­nes in the sea­so­nal ice zone (SIZ)
    Tobi­as R Von­nah­me, Ulri­ke Dietrich
  18. Cros­sing tra­di­tio­nal sci­en­ti­fic bor­ders to unra­vel the com­plex inter­ac­tions bet­ween orga­nisms and their non-living environment
    Corin­na Mori, Mara Heinrichs
  19. Open Ses­si­on
    Vio­la Liebich