Oppor­tu­nities and Solu­ti­ons – Rese­arch for our chan­ging Oceans

10. – 12. SEP­TEM­BER 2014, STRALSUND

YOU­MA­RES 5 with more than 100 part­cicpants, guests, spea­kers, ses­si­on-chairs from more than 8 nati­ons has taken place suc­cess­ful­ly in Stral­sund from 10th ‑12th of Sep­tem­ber, 2014). The 2 ½‑day pro­gram inclu­ded 33 lec­tures and 15 pos­ters in the uni­que ambi­an­ce of our host, the OZEA­NE­UM, direct­ly at the har­bour site of Stral­sund. In work­shops and field trips, the par­ti­ci­pants could bes­i­des visi­t­ing the OZEA­NE­UM, learn from our part­ner Sprin­ger Media and Busi­ness all about sci­en­ti­fic publi­shing, dis­cuss with Alde­ba­ran Mari­ne Rese­arch & Media on know­ledge trans­fer and visit two exhi­bi­ti­ons offe­red in Stral­sund about plastic pol­lu­ti­on in the sea. As part of our pos­ter ses­si­on, the par­ti­ci­pants were also able to check com­pa­ny and care­er oppor­tu­nities. Gre­at key­note talks were given by Sven Hil­le (IOW), Dr. Flo­ri­an Wein­ber­ger (GEO­MAR) and Dr. Clau­dia Hanf­land (AWI – Gra­dua­te School).


As a long time sup­por­ter, SPRIN­GER spon­so­red awards for the three best pos­ter and oral presentations:

Best Pos­ters

  1. Lin­dan Mlam­bo – Popu­la­ti­on dyna­mics of eup­hau­siid spe­ci­es of the Ben­gue­la cur­rent off the Nami­bi­an coast
  2. Lui­sa Feder­wisch, Glass spon­ge envi­ron­ments in the Wed­dell Sea, Ant­arc­ti­ca (Ses­si­on: Cold water rese­arch from high lati­tu­des coasts to deep sea trenches)
  3. Stef­fi Mey­er – Eva­lua­ting the impact of scallop (Argo­pec­ten pur­pura­tus) cul­ti­va­ti­on on the ben­thic infau­nal com­mu­ni­ty in Sechu­ra Bay, Peru (Session:Aquaculture in a chan­ging ocean)

Best Oral Presentations

  1. Duy­gu Sev­gi Sevil­gen, – The respon­se of sub­ti­dal micro­phy­to­ben­thos com­mu­nities from a tem­pe­ra­te and arc­tic site to rapid tem­pe­ra­tu­re incre­a­ses (Ses­si­on: Cold water rese­arch from high lati­tu­des coasts to deep sea trenches)
  2. Isa­bel Rich­ter, Chan­ging oce­ans – chan­ging sea­food con­sump­ti­on (Ses­si­on: indi­vi­du­al enga­ge­ment in envi­ron­men­tal change)
  3. Ines Stuhl­drei­er – Coral reef func­tio­n­ing in upwel­ling-influ­en­ced reefs at the Paci­fic coast of Cos­ta Rica (Ses­si­on: Coral Reef eco­lo­gy, manage­ment and con­ser­va­ti­on in a rapidly chan­ging oce­an environment)

The win­ners were awar­ded book vou­chers and small gifts from Springer.

YOU­MA­RES 5 sessions:

  1. Small-Sca­le Fishe­ries Rese­arch – towards sus­tainab­le fishe­ries using a mul­ti-ent­ry perspective
    Ses­si­on chairs: Anna Schuh­bau­er, Soledad Luna
  2. Indi­vi­du­al Enga­ge­ment in Envi­ron­men­tal Change
    Ses­si­on chairs: Dia­na Süs­ser, Corin­na de Guttry
  3. Aquacul­tu­re in a chan­ging ocean
    Ses­si­on chair: Nina Bloecher
  4. Coral Reef eco­lo­gy, manage­ment and con­ser­va­ti­on in a rapidly chan­ging oce­an environment
    Ses­si­on chairs: Ulis­se Car­di­ni, Lau­ra Rix
  5. Tools and Methods sup­por­ting an Eco­sys­tem Based Approach to Mari­ne Spa­ti­al Management
    Ses­si­on chairs: Ant­je Gim­pel, Hen­ri­ke Seidel
  6. Mea­su­re­ment and Con­trol Engi­nee­ring – the Clock­work in Mari­ne Science
    Ses­si­on chairs: Saskia Heck­mann, Sabri­na Kalita
  7. Aqua­tic Plastic Pol­lu­ti­on – tack­ling envi­ron­men­tal impacts with new solutions
    Ses­si­on chairs: Magnus Svend­sen Ner­heim, Julia Hämer
  8. Man­gro­ve Forests – an end­an­ge­red eco­lo­gi­cal and eco­no­mic tran­si­ti­on zone bet­ween oce­an and land
    Ses­si­on chairs: Hil­ke Alberts-Hubatsch, Natha­lie Pülmanns
  9. Effects of Glo­bal Cli­ma­te Chan­ge on Emer­ging Infec­tious Dise­a­ses of Mari­ne Fish
    Ses­si­on chair: Jalil Zorriehzahra
  10. Cold Water Rese­arch – From high lati­tu­de coasts to deep sea trenches

YOU­MA­RES Orga-Team

Vera Golz, Chris­ti­an Jes­sen, Sabri­na Kali­ta, Vin­cent Wilms, Aile­en Rei­chel, Lisa Hans­lik, Lisa Mer­tens, Jas­min Hei­den, Chris­ti­na Hör­te­rer, Rene Benkendorf