The Ocean: Our Research, Our Future

From 11 to 13 September, the YOUMARES 10 conference was guest in Hamburg at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School. With over 100 participants, 5 sessions filled with exciting presentations and posters by national and international Bachelor, Master, PhD students and young scientists, with further key notes on current topics in marine research as well as workshops and excursions, the conference delighted and gave interesting and inspiring views into the future of marine research. In addition to students and young scientists, this year 20 school pupil took part in the conference for the first time.
This year’s Youmares conference was also part of the program of the 100th anniversary of the University of Hamburg.

We were grateful to welcome so many participants to YOUMARES 10 at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School. We hope that all of you enjoyed the conference, the interesting talks, workshops and excursions and that you met some nice people.


As a long time supporter, SPRINGER sponsored awards for the three best poster and oral presentations:

Best Poster:

  1. Alexander Knorrn: Larval development and distribution of Ranzania laevis (Pennant, 1776) and Masturus lanceolatus (Liénard, 1840) across thermal frontal zones in the Sargasso Sea
  2. Lara Denis-Roy: Temperate macrofaunal and meiofaunal communities respond differently to environmental factors and pollutants along estuarine gradients
  3. Anne Kreutzer: Effects of bioturbation on the freely dissolved hydrophobic organic chemicalcontribution in sediment cores of the German Bight

Best Talk:

  1. Tim Kiessling: Plastic Pirates investigate anthropogenic litter pollution at German riversides – results and insights from a large-scale citizen science project
  2. Manuel Marinelli: Crowdsourcing distribution patterns of invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea
  3. Dr. Isabel Casillas Barragán: The perfect match afer coral bleaching in Climate Change: an impossible love story

The winners were awarded book vouchers from Springer Nature.


Manuel Marinelli (Project Manaia) recived the NORDAKADEMIE YOUMARES young talent award.


Silvia Blum, Steven Franke, Franziska Holland von Oertzen, Jennifer Kirsch, Katharina Koch, Nora Kolter, Nils Kornau, Lotte Pohl, Diana Rico, Maya Riebesell, Sarah Zwicker



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