The Oce­an: Our Rese­arch, Our Future

From 11 to 13 Sep­tem­ber, the YOU­MA­RES 10 con­fe­rence was guest in Ham­burg at the NORD­AKA­DE­MIE Gra­dua­te School. With over 100 par­ti­ci­pants, 5 ses­si­ons fil­led with exci­ting pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and pos­ters by natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal Bache­lor, Mas­ter, PhD stu­dents and young sci­en­tists, with fur­ther key notes on cur­rent topics in mari­ne rese­arch as well as work­shops and excur­si­ons, the con­fe­rence deligh­ted and gave inte­res­ting and inspi­ring views into the future of mari­ne rese­arch. In addi­ti­on to stu­dents and young sci­en­tists, this year 20 school pupil took part in the con­fe­rence for the first time.
This year’s You­ma­res con­fe­rence was also part of the pro­gram of the 100th anni­ver­s­a­ry of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hamburg.

We were gra­te­ful to wel­co­me so many par­ti­ci­pants to YOU­MA­RES 10 at the NORD­AKA­DE­MIE Gra­dua­te School. We hope that all of you enjoy­ed the con­fe­rence, the inte­res­ting talks, work­shops and excur­si­ons and that you met some nice people.


As a long time sup­por­ter, SPRIN­GER spon­so­red awards for the three best pos­ter and oral presentations:

Best Pos­ter:

  1. Alex­an­der Knorrn: Lar­val deve­lo­p­ment and dis­tri­bu­ti­on of Ran­za­nia lae­vis (Pennant, 1776) and Mas­turus lan­ceo­la­tus (Lié­nard, 1840) across ther­mal fron­tal zones in the Sargas­so Sea
  2. Lara Denis-Roy: Tem­pe­ra­te macro­fau­nal and mei­o­fau­nal com­mu­nities respond dif­fer­ent­ly to envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors and pol­lut­ants along estua­ri­ne gradients
  3. Anne Kreut­zer: Effects of bio­tur­ba­ti­on on the free­ly dis­sol­ved hydro­pho­bic orga­nic che­mi­cal­con­tri­bu­ti­on in sedi­ment cores of the Ger­man Bight

Best Talk:

  1. Tim Kiess­ling: Plastic Pira­tes inves­ti­ga­te anthro­po­ge­nic lit­ter pol­lu­ti­on at Ger­man river­si­des – results and insights from a lar­ge-sca­le citi­zen sci­ence project
  2. Manu­el Mari­nel­li: Crowd­sour­cing dis­tri­bu­ti­on pat­terns of inva­si­ve spe­ci­es in the Medi­ter­ra­ne­an Sea
  3. Dr. Isa­bel Cas­il­las Bar­ra­gán: The per­fect match afer coral bleaching in Cli­ma­te Chan­ge: an impos­si­ble love story

The win­ners were awar­ded book vou­chers from Sprin­ger Nature.

NORD­AKA­DE­MIE YOU­MA­RES Young talent award

Manu­el Mari­nel­li (Pro­ject Mana­ia) reci­ved the NORD­AKA­DE­MIE YOU­MA­RES young talent award.

YOU­MA­RES Orga-Team

Sil­via Blum, Ste­ven Fran­ke, Fran­zis­ka Hol­land von Oert­zen, Jen­ni­fer Kirsch, Katha­ri­na Koch, Nora Kol­ter, Nils Kornau, Lot­te Pohl, Dia­na Rico, Maya Rie­be­sell, Sarah Zwicker


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Our part­ners & Spon­sors of YOU­MA­RES 10