A Jour­ney into the blue – Oce­an Rese­arch and Innovation

16. – 18. SEP­TEM­BER 2015, BREMEN

Thank you very much for your atten­dance and con­tri­bu­ti­on to YOU­MA­RES 6. It was a gre­at plea­su­re to meet you all at the net­work mee­ting, and we hope that YOU­MA­RES was fruit­ful and rewar­ding for you!

126 par­ti­ci­pants – 10 ses­si­ons – 47 pre­sen­ta­ti­ons – 29 posters

YOU­MA­RES 6 Sessions:

  1. Frame works for sus­tainab­le manage­ment of water resources
    Ses­si­on chair: Sirak Robe­le
  2. Popu­la­ti­on gene­tics as a power­ful tool for the manage­ment and sus­taina­bi­li­ty of natu­ral resources
    Ses­si­on chair: Alfon­so Pita
  3. Cepha­lo­pods and Socie­ty: sci­en­ti­fic app­li­ca­ti­ons using cepha­lo­pods as models
    Ses­si­on chairs: Feli­pe Bri­ce­ño, Síl­via Lou­ren­ço, Augus­to Cre­spi, Ste­fa­nie Kel­ler, Rigo­ber­to Rosas
  4. Chal­len­ges and inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons for moni­to­ring pol­lu­ti­on and res­to­ra­ti­on of coas­tal areas
    Ses­si­on chairs: Tatia­ne Com­bi, Abel Ander­son de Sou­za Machado
  5. Sci­en­ce­Tain­ment
    Ses­si­on chairs: Jas­min Hei­den, Chris­ti­na Hörterer
  6. From inva­si­ve spe­ci­es to novel ecosystems
    Ses­si­on chairs: Simon Jung­blut, Mer­le Bollen
  7. From outer space to the deep-sea: remo­te sen­sing in the 21st century
    Ses­si­on chair: Mat­thi­as Biber
  8. No living without the oce­an: social-eco­lo­gi­cal sys­tems in the mari­ne realm
    Ses­si­on chairs: Lot­ta Klu­ger, Sophia Koch­alski, Miri­am S. Mül­ler, Phil­ipp Gor­ris, Gio­van­ni Romagnoni
  9. How our beha­vi­or can make the dif­fe­rence in oce­an conservation
    Ses­si­on chair: Isa­bel Richter
  10. Recent approa­ches in coral reef rese­arch: tra­di­tio­nal and novel app­li­ca­ti­ons towards buil­ding resilience
    Ses­si­on chairs: Ele­na Barth, Clau­dia Pogor­eutz, Ines Stuhldreier
  11. Latest deve­lo­p­ments in land-based aquaculture
    Ses­si­on chairs: Björn Suc­k­ow, Car­los Espinal
  12. Acti­ve stu­dy in times of Bologna
    Ses­si­on chair: Micha­el Ginzburg
  13. Mul­tis­pe­ci­es and eco­sys­tem models for fishe­ries manage­ment and mari­ne conservation
    Ses­si­on chairs: Moritz Stäb­ler, Alex­an­der Keth
  14. Aqua­tic plastic pollution
    Ses­si­on chairs: Lena Heel, Magnus Svend­sen Nerheim

YOU­MA­RES Orga-Team

Vera Golz, Chris­ti­an Jes­sen, Sabri­na Kali­ta, Jas­min Hei­den, Chris­ti­na Hör­te­rer, Lena Heel, Ines Stuhl­drei­er, The­re­sa Schwen­ke, Nico­le Herz, René Ben­ken­dorf, Kla­ra Eber­hard, Magnus Svend­sen Ner­heimm Lynn Wege­ner, Chris­tin Hage­dorn, Lukas Rit­zen­ho­fen, Mela­nie Lindner