A Journey into the blue – Ocean Research and Innovation

16.-18. SEPTEMBER 2015, BREMEN

Thank you very much for your attendance and contribution to YOUMARES 6. It was a great pleasure to meet you all at the network meeting, and we hope that YOUMARES was fruitful and rewarding for you!

126 participants – 10 sessions – 47 presentations – 29 posters

YOUMARES 6 Sessions:

  1. Frame works for sustainable management of water resources
    Session chair: Sirak Robele
  2. Population genetics as a powerful tool for the management and sustainability of natural resources
    Session chair: Alfonso Pita
  3. Cephalopods and Society: scientific applications using cephalopods as models
    Session chairs: Felipe Briceño, Sílvia Lourenço, Augusto Crespi, Stefanie Keller, Rigoberto Rosas
  4. Challenges and innovative solutions for monitoring pollution and restoration of coastal areas
    Session chairs: Tatiane Combi, Abel Anderson de Souza Machado
  5. ScienceTainment
    Session chairs: Jasmin Heiden, Christina Hörterer
  6. From invasive species to novel ecosystems
    Session chairs: Simon Jungblut, Merle Bollen
  7. From outer space to the deep-sea: remote sensing in the 21st century
    Session chair: Matthias Biber
  8. No living without the ocean: social-ecological systems in the marine realm
    Session chairs: Lotta Kluger, Sophia Kochalski, Miriam S. Müller, Philipp Gorris, Giovanni Romagnoni
  9. How our behavior can make the difference in ocean conservation
    Session chair: Isabel Richter
  10. Recent approaches in coral reef research: traditional and novel applications towards building resilience
    Session chairs: Elena Barth, Claudia Pogoreutz, Ines Stuhldreier
  11. Latest developments in land-based aquaculture
    Session chairs: Björn Suckow, Carlos Espinal
  12. Active study in times of Bologna
    Session chair: Michael Ginzburg
  13. Multispecies and ecosystem models for fisheries management and marine conservation
    Session chairs: Moritz Stäbler, Alexander Keth
  14. Aquatic plastic pollution
    Session chairs: Lena Heel, Magnus Svendsen Nerheim


Vera Golz, Christian Jessen, Sabrina Kalita, Jasmin Heiden, Christina Hörterer, Lena Heel, Ines Stuhldreier, Theresa Schwenke, Nicole Herz, René Benkendorf, Klara Eberhard, Magnus Svendsen Nerheimm Lynn Wegener, Christin Hagedorn, Lukas Ritzenhofen, Melanie Lindner