We are excited to announce this year’s conference from 11 – 14 of October 2022.


Museum für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin.
Are you a young marine researcher or early career scientist?
Are you contributing to a better, sustainable future of our oceans with your idea or your work?
We are looking forward to hearing about you and your research, project, story, or idea at the
YOUMARES13 conference.
Submit your abstract to host a session or a workshop on the conference.

CALL FOR SESSIONS is open until 31.03.2022.
CALL FOR CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS is open until 31.05.2022.

YOUMARES is an international conference which has been organized by the Working group on Studies and Education as a program/project of the German Society for Marine Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung e.V. (dgm)1). Since 2009, the successful conference YOUMARES has taken place each year with different scientific topics related to the marine sciences. YOUMARES is an important meeting point for bachelor, master, PhD students and young researchers, who are highly committed to investigation in oceans. The major aim of YOUMARES is to establish a scientific network for young researchers where all participants from all over the world have the opportunity to create and to share knowledge and ideas to solve problems that our oceans are facing today.

The UN has declared the current decade (2021 -2030) as the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development². In that context, the YOUMARES conference 2022 will use the second outcome of the Ocean We Want: “A healthy and resilient ocean3, where marine ecosystems are understood, protected, restored, and managed” as a guiding framework to promote marine research that covers a variety of ocean related fields and, simultaneously touches upon the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)4.

We want to provide a stage for an interdisciplinary community of young marine researchers. The outcome “A healthy and resilient ocean” is linked to the sectors of marine science which they touch upon: Innovation & Technology, Research & Science, Society, Governance & Policies, Education & Art, Economy. The second outcome identified by the UN provides a variety of potential topics that can be discussed during YOUMARES 2022, like data collection using citizen science, species identification guides, scientific findings on specific marine species/ecosystems, potential modeling, and mapping softwares (GIS), stakeholder analysis and involvement, marine protected areas (MPAs), etc.

YOUMARES13 conference will be an important platform for a variety of research projects including citizen science approaches, education & outreach programs, and projects with a focus on businesses and entrepreneurship. This conference provides a space for like-minded young researchers from numerous nationalities and fields of study to present their research and have productive interaction with fellow researchers. The diverse and interdisciplinary atmosphere of the event allows for effective networking and enhances new partnerships and perspectives on marine related topics.

For the second consecutive year, four “Workshops am Meer” will frame the main event as one day satellite events. In these workshops, 4 out of the 10 Challenges of the UN Ocean Decade5 will be discussed and will bring together ideas from a diverse field of research interests. The Selected Challenges for this year´s Workshops am Meer are:

  • Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Sustainably feed the global population
  • Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change
  • Change humanity’s relationship with the ocean

The Workshops am Meer will take place in different dates and locations before the main conference in October. YOUMARES and the Workshops am Meer are endorsed projects of the UN Ocean Decade since 2021.

YOUMARES is a non-for-profit initiative organized and run entirely by volunteers. Thus, the whole event is dependent on sponsoring to cover the running costs as well as the conference fee. The DGM has the goal of establishing the YOUMARES network in an international marine research environment, making the event as professional as possible in the long term. The participants are driven by the common goal of identifying marine related environmental issues and finding effective solutions to mitigate these.

The German Society for Marine Research (DGM) is an association that offers an organizational framework in Germany for exchanging information and opinions on marine related topics. Founded in 1980, the DGM with its almost 400 members has a long tradition in the German research environment and YOUMARES is the most successful young talent promotion activity.

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference is based on a hybrid concept. Bringing together benefits from a digital world together with lively discussions in small groups, strictly complying with the respective current Covid-19 regulations.

More information, contact us: info@youmares.org
Visit: https://linktr.ee/YOUMARES_conference